10 Things you should NEVER do on Facebook

Status-UpdateI know you’ve seen lots of lists floating about, however, I will say that the following 10 things I have seen just today on my news feed.  So…

In today’s age it is all too easy to find out anything you wish about people from their social posts.  Prospective employers, college admission officers, business parters, prospective dates, friends… They are all able to see much more about you than you would believe by a casual perusal of your and your friends’ Facebook pages.  In fact, some Insurance agencies and banks are even known to check Facebook before issuing policies or loans to determine whether applicants indulge in risky behaviors.

Even if you believe that you are covered because you have your “Privacy settings” properly set, you can never be completely sure how others are treating or sharing your posts.  It only takes a few “Likes” for hundreds of people you have never met to see what you are doing or have said.

The only absolute way to stay out of trouble is to NEVER post anything that is even slightly inappropriate or controversial, but honestly… well, that just won’t happen.  It is far too easy to make an innocent comment that turns quickly into something you never intended, and it is essentially there forever, somewhere.

While this list only covers a few things that I have noticed recently posted by my own “Friends” list or that they have commented upon in their “Friends” lists, it isn’t exhaustive by any means… 

If you are looking at this on a mobile device, it may take tapping twice to open the explanations of the individual items on the list.

1. Talk badly about your employer or fellow employees.
2. Post embarrassing photos of other people.

On the same note…

3. Post too many questionable photos of yourself.
4. Post specific personal data.
5. Talk about your upcoming Vacation and post while you are away from home.

And while on the subject…

6. Brag about your fabulous new purchase or gift.

The following should go without saying, but… from the look of my feed, it HAS TO BE SAID…

7. One-liner political or religious opinions.
8. Profanity.
9. Post other's news before they have the chance.
10. TMI.


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