Computer Repair

28 May 2015


Many people have the same problem you do… slow-running computers.  This eats up valuable time while you wait for web pages to load and programs sluggishly open or freeze.  Expert technicians can cure most slow or frozen computers by clearing old cache files, cleaning cookies and malware, deleting zombied or orphaned program files, and removing viruses.

PC, Mac, or most anything else…

Our experienced technicians can repair almost any operation system or hardware, given the availability of replacement parts.

We can help with:

  • Virus and Malware Detection and removal
  • Desktop, Laptop, Portable and Mobile repair
  • Security Screening
  • Network setup, analysis, and troubleshooting
  • Upgrade and/ or Installation of Software and Hardware
  • Training for operating system or software use
  • Performance boosts
  • Data Recovery and/ or Back-up

Systems that you rely on everyday should only be repaired and/ or screened by skilled professionals to ensure peak performance and true reliability.  Relying on that “one guy” or cousin who fixed your system “once a while ago” will often set you up for disaster down the road.  KNOWING that the repair is real and not just a “quick fix” will lend peace-of-mind now and could save you real money in the future.

In other words…

If you broke it (or the dog did), we can fix it.  From simple software errors, to broken screens, to full failure, if it is repairable, we will fix it.  Ask for a free evaluation at your location (travel expenses may apply) or leave it at an approved site to determine whether it is worth fixing, or you’d be better served with a new one.  And we will assist with your new purchase as well to get you rapidly back to whatever it was that you were doing…

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