You are Multitasking WRONG!

Multitasking is the apparent ability to conduct more than one task or activity simultaneously.  Often called Human Multitasking, it derives from the concept of Computer Multitasking.   The original single core computer chips actually performed this activity much like we do, not really performing two tasks simultaneously, but time-sharing, meaning that one task was performed[…]

Your P@55w0rd Still 5ucks… and why

you’ve read my explanation of how to make a more secure password, Your Password Sucks (A Public Service Announcement)((, Daniel Northcutt, 2015)), you might be taking the time to think a bit more about the passwords you use, and making them a bit better. The method I discussed uses simple changes to what you already[…]

Drunken Cursor Dancing Bee

Today began like any other… well, any other where I accidentally scare my wife nearly to death. Let’s just say, “like a Wednesday…” Anyway, I began my usual routine of scouring Tech articles and ignoring email (the useless ones we all ignore, like my Nigerian friends and discount Ciallis).  After a long while of getting lost in code,[…]