20 June 2015

Wireless and wired networks are our specialty! Whether you simply want to access the Internet, or need your entire home configured for a wired or wireless network, our capable technicians will ensure you have a dependable and reliable network. Some basic scenarios:

  • The high-speed Internet connection has just been turned on at your house — let us set up and configure your wired or wireless network so it works with your computers.
  • You’ve just bought a new computer — we can add it to your network.
  • You need to share files and printers between multiple computers in your home or office — we can make it all work seamlessly!
  • Or… you have a network that just doesn’t seem to be running right or your wireless is spotty — we can help!

We’re experienced in:

  • Wireless and wired networks
  • Wiring homes during construction or renovations
  • Network cabling
  • Routers, switches, and hubs
  • Voice and data communications lines
  • Cat5e and Cat6e outlet installation
  • Patch panel installation

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