Your P@55w0rd Still 5ucks… and why

you’ve read my explanation of how to make a more secure password, Your Password Sucks (A Public Service Announcement)((, Daniel Northcutt, 2015)), you might be taking the time to think a bit more about the passwords you use, and making them a bit better. The method I discussed uses simple changes to what you already[…]

Drunken Cursor Dancing Bee

Today began like any other… well, any other where I accidentally scare my wife nearly to death. Let’s just say, “like a Wednesday…” Anyway, I began my usual routine of scouring Tech articles and ignoring email (the useless ones we all ignore, like my Nigerian friends and discount Ciallis).  After a long while of getting lost in code,[…]

Your Password SUCKS (a Public Service Announcement)

I get several emails a week from people with accounts that have been hacked simply because the password associated with that account was too simple, or just plain stupid (like “password” or “1234”).  I see posts on Facebook made by user’s friends or family because they guessed a password (or the owner forgot to log[…]